Me on my home world

I just jumped into the cell phone age a little late but head first. I got this HTC Touch Diamond and it’s pretty cool I guess. I really have nothing to compare it to due to my lack of experience. I was all talk heading into this, tellin’ Lil’D that I was just going to get something basic that just did calls and texting. But when I went onto the bell site they had this deal for half a C note with a basic package. I went into the Bell Store, but the dude there would not give me the same deal for some reason, something about a data package, so I just ordered it online. Shit has wifi, takes photos (poorly of course) and video (haven’t tried). Oh and it makes phone calls and does texts. And because it’s a touch I get to realize just how greasy my digits are.


One Response to “Me on my home world”

  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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