Someone with a knowledge for my interest in consuming spiced rum was telling me about this Sailor Jerry the other day. Lo and behold! I walked into the LCBO last night and there it was. I’m not sure if I’ve just never noticed it there, or they just started getting it in, or what? Not every LCBO stocks all the same spirits and ales.
Regardless, with no hesitation I grabbed it, paid for it, took it home and had a couple of glasses with my pal George. Fuckin’ Delicious!

I’ll be finishing this baby off tonight before the HYFY show.


2 Responses to “Tasty!”

  1. Stephen Perallet Says:

    I read about that rum on that blog “Loveandrum.com”. They’ve been hyping it for some time now — tastes great, didn’t know you could get it in Ontario.

  2. thanks for that link… great blog!

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